About Vac-Met

Vac-Met BuildingVac-Met is a high-tech metal processing company specializing in brazing and heat treating of metals utilizing state-of-the-art vacuum and atmospheric furnaces.

Vac-Met personnel offer specialized abilities, knowledge, training and experience to help solve the problems peculiar to the processing and fabricating of today's technologically advanced metals. Our engineers work closely with each customer in determining their particular requirements. They are available to work with you in finding the solution to your design requirements.

Vac-Met has the approval of the major aircraft and medical companies who have the highest quality control standards in the metal treating and fabricating business.

Our volume capacity is substantial. Presently, we have many state-of-the-art vacuum furnaces that are capable of utilizing argon, nitrogen, hydrogen and other atmospheres. The largest of these furnaces is capable of handling work over 6 feet in diameter. We also have batch dry hydrogen furnaces. The various load capacities of all of these furnaces maximize load flexibility. The combined capacity of our furnaces allows for rapid turnaround time for all our customers.

One technology available to Vac-Met is fluoride-ion cleaning. This process is utilized in the refurbishing of aircraft engine parts by removing surface contaminants, including the refractory oxides of aluminum and titanium.

Vac-Met Inc. has complete state-of-the-art facilities, and is small enough to provide personalized service. We can quickly respond to most any customer requirement. It is this ability to respond that has fostered our growth and enabled us to service our customers varied needs.

Vac-Met's experience is put to good use as industry constantly turns to the use of many new alloys to help solve the demands put upon such components as machined parts, light stampings, deep drawn sheet metal parts and forgings.

Vac-Met, Inc.
7236 Murthum Ave., Warren, MI 48092
Phone: 586.264.8100 | Fax: 586.264.3360
www.vac-met.com | vacmet@aol.com
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