• Vacuum Heat Treating

    Vacuum heat treating is a clean process, which provides a bright, scale-free surface. The vacuum system ensures that parts processed through heat treating cycles are not contaminated by high-temperature reactions and remain free of oxidation and discoloration. Vac-Met specializes in aerospace heat treating services.

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  • Vacuum Brazing

    Vac-Met’s vacuum brazing service provides leak-tight joints, minimal distortion, and maintains clean bright surfaces.

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  • Hydrogen Annealing

    Vac-Met has a long history of specialty heat treating processes like hydrogen annealing various electrical magnetic steel materials for the aerospace, energy and automotive industries.

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Vac-Met, A Solar Atmospheres Company, is an advanced metal processing company specializing in vacuum brazing & vacuum heat treating of metals utilizing state-of-the-art vacuum & atmospheric furnaces.

Vac-Met offers specialized abilities, knowledge, training, and experience to help solve the problems peculiar to the processing and fabricating of today's technologically advanced metals. Our engineers work closely with each customer in determining their particular requirements. They are available to work with you in finding the solution to your design requirements.

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All of our aerospace heat treating services are NADCAP accredited. We offer services for small parts to large structures.


From shaft and rotor assemblies to castings, we work with automotive industry customers on a range of custom projects.

Power generation

We work within the power generation industry to provide high tech metal components.


For critical medical applications, some of our common solutions include stainless steel castings with maximum durability.