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  1. Vac-Met Delivers Exactly What The Doctor Orders!

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    Our work for the medical industry has been heating up here at Vac-Met! We’re currently working with a company in the medical field hardening and tempering M2 (Tungsten and Molybdenum) rods that are being used as drill bits for surgical procedures.

    These heat-treated burrs and drills are being used all types of surgeries, so they are required to be perfectly straight. We receive the parts as almost-finished rod stock that’s already been ground and just needs to be hardened. We’re able to maintain the straightness of the burrs/drill bits even though we’re heat treating them at 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit and performing multiple tempers at 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit! Typically, materials will bend and curl at such high temperatures, but we maintain the straightness and process the pieces to HRC60 hardness.

    Our customer is also very pleased with our ability to maintain the color of the heat-treated parts. Throughout heat treating there is no discoloration, and because there’s no discoloration, we’ve completely eliminated the need for any secondary machining work. The parts remain bright and shiny with a no scale finish, and this something a processor that our customer previously worked with simply could not deliver. But Vac-Met can — and does!

    To learn more about the industries we work with and what Vac-Met can do for your business, please visit our website. Or give us a call at 586.264.8100. We’d be happy to tell you more about our high-tech metal processing services!

  2. We’re All Fired Up!

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    Welcome to Vac-Met, we’re excited to be blogging! By means of introduction, we are a family-owned vacuum heat treating company proudly founded back in 1981 by Robert Gunow, Sr. and Chuck Zichichi. They began the company with one VFS HL- 36 vacuum furnace and now, thirty-one years later, we have transformed into a successful and long-standing respected company in the heat treating industry. The family trend continues with Robert F. Gunow, Jr. (son) and Joe White (Robert Jr.’s son-in-law).

    We occupy a specific niche in the manufacturing community — with our modern facility and accumulation of specialized knowledge, we help solve many of the problems particular to the processing and fabricating of today’s technologically advanced metals. We serve the Aircraft, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Space Exploration, and Power Generation industries, among others.

    So, what are they whys and hows of heat treating? In its simplest terms, heat treating involves the use of heating or cooling metal, normally to extreme temperatures, to achieve a desired result, such as hardening or softening. For example, an annealing process is frequently used to soften raw metal to make it more malleable to machine, but a subsequent hardening treatment might be needed to alter the metal properties of the machined part so it can withstand its intended use and environment. In today’s world, altering the properties of metal is no longer a blacksmith warming his tools in a hot fire; it’s a very exact science. Complex metals and unique performance characteristics often require our engineers to execute heat treating processes to 2,000°F and beyond.

    In the 31 years we have been in business, we have created many working relationships that have allowed us to grow and prosper as a global company and innovator. To learn more about our specialized vacuum heat treating and the wide variety of other services we offer, please visit our website!

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