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Custom Solutions

This page shows a small sampling of the many different jobs handled by Vac-Met.

Shaft Assembly & Rotor Assembly
The shaft is silver brazed and the rotor assembly is copper brazed in a partial pressure atmosphere of argon.

Large Titanium Casting
Computer recording of temperatures at a rate of eight thermocouple readings per second assures the minimum cooling rate of 130°F/minute.

Vacuum Brazed Tube Assembly
Inconel® 625 fin and tube assembly brazed with a nickel base brazing alloy, @1850°F. Corrosion resistance and leak tight joints are required for the 304 ss body and tube assembly that is also brazed with a nickel base brazing alloy.

Partially Formed Sheet Metal
Forms and in-process shapes made from Hastelloy X and Inconel® 718 are annealed in vacuum to facilitate further forming while maintaining the integrity of finish.

Stainless Steel Castings
For medical applications.

Vane & Shroud Assembly
Fabricated assemblies of L605 material brazed with nickel base brazing alloy have controlled fillet size to provide uniform gas flow.

Coated or Uncoated Tools
Chemical vapor deposition coated tools of TiC and TiN are re-heat treated in vacuum furnaces to maintain the integrity of dimensions and coatings.

Fabricated Double Wall Aircraft Turbine Component
Made from Inconel® 718 sheet and cast material, heat treated and stress relieved prior to final machining.