Vacuum Brazing

Some of the stronger brazed metal joints are produced by vacuum brazing. Vac-Met’s vacuum brazing provides leak-tight joints. Minimal distortion, and maintains clean bright surfaces. Our expertise in metallurgical and vacuum processing applications allows Vac-Met to provide you with state-of-the-art capabilities. We can also offer services in consulting. Research and development and prototype sample runs are also used to help determine the best design, alloy and fixturing options for your parts.

Typical Alloys Used:

  • Copper and Copper Alloys
  • Nickel Alloys
  • Palladium Alloys
  • Silver Alloys
  • Gold Alloys
  • And Other Precious Metals


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Brazing is a joining process whereby a filler metal or alloy is heated to melting temperature (above 450°C; 842°F) and distributed between two or more close-fitting parts by capillary action. During brazing, the molten filler metal diffuses into the base metal components. This forms an exceptionally strong, sealed joint. Brazing can be superior to welding because it heats the entire part uniformly, causing less distortion.

Vac-Met, Inc. provides furnace brazing. We have a number of vacuum or atmosphere furnaces for furnace brazing. We consistently braze with a variety of alloys, including nickel, gold nickel, copper and silver alloys. The materials typically brazed are stainless steels, super alloys and a variety of other metallics. Aerospace, medical, nuclear, military, automotive and commercial are the industries that most commonly utilize this type of brazing. We offer services for small parts that fit in the palm of a hand and for very large structures. Please call us with your size requirements. All of our brazing services are NADCAP accredited.

Brazing Services: Furnace

Furnace brazing uses a clean atmosphere. Our furnace brazing services can eliminate complex post-braze cleaning of the part. Furnace brazing is cleaner than other brazing alternatives. Types of furnace brazing include controlled atmosphere and vacuum brazing. Controlled atmosphere brazing typically uses a hydrogen atmosphere, but other gases such as argon or nitrogen are also available.

Brazing Services: Gold

Our gold brazing services are optimized for use in the aerospace, medical, and military industries. Gold brazing is often used with high-temperature alloy and stainless steel assemblies. Gold brazing can be performed in both vacuum and atmospheric furnaces. Gold brazing performed in a vacuum furnace is very efficient because it does not use flux and does not require post-braze cleaning. Our gold brazing services are NADCAP accredited.

Brazing Services: Medical Component

Brazing services can be performed on a variety of medical components. Vacuum brazing is a clean environment that is safe for medical products. When vacuum brazing is used, the component will not require extensive post-braze polishing and cleaning.

Brazing Services: Military Specification

Brazing services can be performed to military specifications. Gold brazing services are optimized for military uses and can be performed in vacuum and atmospheric furnaces. Many types of custom brazing can be performed to military specification. Brazing services are less likely to distort the piece or produce thermal stresses, making brazing services more appropriate for military specification.

Brazing Services: NADCAP Accredited

Our brazing services are NADCAP accredited. NADCAP provides international certifications of manufacturing processes for industry. Some of the services NADCAP accredits are heat treating and brazing. NADCAP accreditation is required by Aircraft Engine Manufacturers and is a mark of prestige that represents superior performance and use of industry standards and leading technology.

Brazing Services: Nickel

Nickel brazing services work well when performed in a vacuum, eliminating the challenge of metal oxidation. Nickel brazing is a great solution for joining stainless steels and other metal alloys. Nickel brazing services are one of the many NADCAP accredited brazing services we offer.

Brazing Services: Silver

Silver brazing services are one of the many brazing services that can be utilized in industrial furnace brazing. Silver brazing services are popular for joining or bonding many different metallics. Silver brazing can be performed in a vacuum or in many different atmospheres.

Brazing Services: Stainless Steel

We utilize copper, silver, nickel and gold nickel for industrial stainless steel brazing. Stainless steel brazing services can be performed in vacuum furnaces or in standard atmospheres. Our stainless steel brazing services are NADCAP accredited.

Brazing Services: Copper Alloy

Copper alloy brazing uses low cost, versatile alloys. Copper alloy brazing can be performed in both vacuum and atmospheric furnaces and can be used to braze many different metals. Copper brazing alloys can be used to improve ductility and electrical conductivity. Copper alloy brazing is economical and used in a wide variety of industries. Our copper alloy brazing services are NADCAP accredited.

Brazing Services: Nickel Alloy

Our nickel alloy brazing is performed in high-temperature furnaces using vacuum or atmospheric brazing techniques. As with other brazing services, nickel alloy brazing reduces the need for post-assembly finishing and can be used to join two similar or dissimilar metals.

Vacuum Annealing

We offer vacuum annealing services using our industrial vacuum furnaces. Vacuum furnace annealing is performed to keep metal from exposure to oxygen which can oxidize and discolor the surface of the metal involved. Vacuum annealing is accomplished by heating the material to extreme temperatures in a vacuum furnace, allowing the material to remain at that temperature for a specified period of time, then allowing the material to cool at a particular rate. Our vacuum annealing services are NADCAP accredited.

Vacuum Brazing

Vacuum brazing offers extremely clean, superior, flux-free braze joints. Joints created using vacuum brazing provide high integrity and strength. Vacuum brazing is performed inside of our high-quality vacuum chamber furnaces and can be performed to aerospace, medical, nuclear, military, automotive, and commercial specifications. All of our vacuum brazing services are NADCAP accredited.

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