Vacuum Heat Treating

Each of our modern vacuum furnaces have automatic micro processor controls to insure that your parts are treated to the exact specified design requirements. With programmed control each run is assured of repeating the same treatment as the previous load and a permanent graphic chart guarantees traceability for every job.

All controls are certified and traceable to the National Institute of Standards & Technology.

Thermocouple and ionization vacuum gages continually monitor the quality of the temperature and the atmosphere in the furnace and interlock safety features to prevent accidental damage to customer parts.

In order to minimize downtime and meet delivery schedules promptly in case of a failure, spare monitoring equipment, calibrated and certified to match the primary equipment, is provided.

An unusual effort is made to keep the plant clean in order to keep the plant atmosphere free of contaminates. This is especially important when brazing high quality assemblies.


Stainless Steels

High Temperature Alloys Titanium Tool Steels Soft Magnetic
Low Alloy


304, 310, 316,
321, etc.
410, 416, 420,
440, etc.
13-8MO, 15-5,
17-7, AM350
Custom 450 &
455, etc.
Hastelloy B, C, X
Haynes Alloys
Inconel® 600, 625, etc.
Inconel® 718
MAR-M-247, etc.
C.P., 6al-4A, etc. M2, M4, M42, T1
CPM 10V, etc.
D2, H11, H13,
A2, S7, etc.
Harden & Temper
Solution Heat
Treat, Anneal
Full Anneal
Vacuum or Hydrogen
Process Anneal
Vacuum or Hydrogen
Precipitation or
Age Harden
Stress Relieve
Deep Freeze to
Silver Alloy
Nickel Alloy
Copper Brazing
Gold & Precious
Metals Brazing
Sintering or
Diffision Bonding

Aerospace Heat Treating Services

We offer a variety of aerospace heat treating services. These services include Annealing, Solution Annealing, Homogenization, Aging, Sintering, and Diffusion Bonding. We also offer several brazing services, including nickel, gold nickel, silver, and copper. We can perform these services in both vacuum and atmospheric furnaces. We offer services for small parts and assemblies that fit in the palm of a hand all the way to very large structures. Please call us with your size requirements. All of our aerospace heat treating services are NADCAP accredited.

Annealing Services

Annealing is a technique used to relieve stresses within a metal, and to bring properties in a metal to a required state. Annealing typically results in a soft, ductile metal that is easier to process. Our annealing services can be accomplished in vacuum, air, or in a specific atmosphere.

Annealing Services: Stainless Steel

We offer annealing services for many metals, including stainless steel. Stainless steel annealing prepares the steel for further work such as shaping, stamping, or forming. Stainless steel annealing services can also be performed concurrent with brazing to provide the properties you desire.

Diffusion Bonding

Diffusion bonding is a solid state joining technique that is normally carried out at a temperature lower than the melting point of the materials to be bonded. Diffusion bonding does not involve the use of filler metal. It uses heat and pressure applied in vacuum or inert atmosphere furnaces to join pieces of metal. The heat and pressure are applied for a specific amount of time (from minutes to hours) depending on the type of metal to be bonded.

Want to see examples of our vacuum heat treating services? Click here to view our project gallery!

Heat Treat Annealing

One of the many ways we can heat treat material is through annealing. Annealing is a heat treatment intended to alter the properties of a material, changing strength and hardness. During annealing the material involved is heated and maintained at a suitable temperature for a specific amount of time, then allowed to cool very fast or very slowly depending on the material. Annealing is used to induce softness, relieve internal stresses, and refine the structure of the metal involved. As with other heat treatments, our Annealing services are NADCAP accredited.

Heat Treating

Heat treating is used to alter the physical properties of a material. Heat treating involves the use of heating or chilling to achieve a desired result, which is normally strengthening or softening of a material.

Heat Treating Services

We offer many heat treating services. We provide many common heat treating services, including Annealing, Solution Annealing, Beta Annealing, Homogenization, Aging, Hardening, Tempering, Diffusion Bonding, and Sintering. Our heat treating services are performed in vacuum, atmospheric, and air furnaces. These services can be performed to aerospace, medical, military, nuclear, automotive or commercial specifications. We offer heat treating services for small parts and assemblies that fit in the palm of a hand all the way to very large structures. Please call us with your size requirements. All of our heat treating services are NADCAP accredited.

Heat Treating: Hydrogen

Our atmospheric heat treating services typically use a hydrogen atmosphere, but can also use other atmospheres. Atmospheric heat treating typically uses inert atmospheres to prevent oxidation of the parts subject to heat treating. All of our various atmospheres can be used in all of our furnaces.


Sintering is often used to produce small or complex metal objects that it would be impractical to cast.

Tool Steel Hardening

We offer heat treatment services for tool steel hardening. The proper heat treatment of tool steel is one of the most important parts of tool manufacture and is very important to the tool industry. The hardening and quenching of tool steel can be performed in our facilities using our industrial furnaces.

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